Good UX Design make Elderly life easier

Good UX Design make Elderly life easier

Technology is necessary for the life of the elderly. To narrow the gap between the elderly and complex technology, the elderly UX (User Experience) is an important part.

Major platforms have launched “Senior Mode” for their apps such as WeChat, Taobao, and HKTV Mall. There are also mobile apps specially developed for the elderly, such as e123 App (eElderly Scheme), Senior Citizen Card Scheme Apps, “智為您:” (Elderly Homebound Apps), etc.

4 Easy to Use Features for Elderly

1Easy to Operate

Eliminate complicated and cluttered interface with simple interface for elderly to focus on key information.

2Easy to Identify

Use recognizable colors and highly distinguishable color contrast for the elderly.

3Easy to Read

Freely adjust the text size and content spacing for the elderly to read comfortably and attract the elderly.

4Easy to Co-operate

In line with  the “WCAG” version 2.1, it is designed for everyone.

i2UX Elderly Project Cases Study